Calling deans and senior leaders engaged in and committed to transformative change for people, planet and prosperity.
You are invited to submit a proposal to take part in pioneering "Deans as catalysts of change" cohort.
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The questions and contributions you would like to bring to the cohort...

This is part 1 of your proposal, part 2 covers what you would like to gain from participating.
When it comes to change, and making a significant difference what has really worked well in your institution, and could be transferable to others? *

What emerging and significant industry development(s) keep you awake at night {{answer_ZUTi}}? *

If you don't have any trouble falling asleep then what significant issues and opportunities get you out of bed in the morning?
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Part 2 - your learning objectives and ambitions for the cohort...

What would you like to gain (as Dean and/or Institution) from participating in the cohort? *

The power of the group will be measured by its outputs. What do you aspire to achieve through the cohort in terms of highly visible and tangible goals and impact?

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